Our solutions deliver positive transformational experiences

The Bevulus solution suite has been designed and developed to transform the beverage operations and customer experience. We help clubs increase patronage from existing customers and attract new customers. Bevulus works with clubs to review and optimise their beverage operations to assist with reducing revenue dependence on gaming and to deliver a direct positive impact on your bottom line within the first month. 

We help you better understand your operations and customers to drive increased operating profit

Leveraging our backgrounds in alcohol distribution, process improvement and data & technology the team at Bevulus have pooled our love of the beverage industry, capabilities and service experiences to develop products and solutions that improve the customer experience. Through working with existing customers and leveraging our skills we have also formulated products and solutions to help venues improve their operations and systems to optimise their financial performance. 

They say death and taxes are certain, even if not a certainty, at least alcohol plays a significant part!

Our Approach

Our methodology is conducted in three stages. In Stage One  and Stage Two we invest our time to understand the current situation, assessing what is working and where there is opportunity. Harnessing this knowledge and leveraging a set of 6 operational tools we execute Stage Three, our Operational Excellence Program to create new revenue streams, optimise bar and gaming operations, improve customer experience and increase CLV (customer lifetime value).

The three key areas we address in the operational Excellence Program are:

  • Operations Transformation - we streamline and reduce operating costs and optimise, grow and promote your product offering;

  • Service Excellence - we work with your team member to improve product knowledge and confidently promote your offering;

  • Commercialising Data - we clean up and leverage your existing data to grow your revenue through share of wallet and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Who We Help

The Bevulus solution suite has been developed to help Not for Profit Clubs, but that does not mean we cannot deliver results for other types of outlets or venues. 

If your club/outlet/business:

  • is under performing financially;

  • wants to create a better customer experience;

  • is looking to be an industry innovator or leader;

  • wants to reduce reliance from gaming for revenue.

You should consider engaging Bevulus.

You can find more information in our current offering and products under development on the solutions page of the website.

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